Airis Switch--New Herb Vaporizers in 2019

New Portable Herb Vaporizer in 2019---Airis Switch


Airistech has developed a new portable herb vaporizer for cannabis users.

Airis Switch is made for every stoners, 

--Rotational mouthpiece, make vaping more convenient

--30s fast heating, no need to wait too long

--3 replaceable bullets, meet you different needs, no matter herb, wax, oil.

--Vibration notification, it will be easy to know when vaping is best

--Ceramic chamber, no combustion, pure taste

--Isolated air path, pure taste, healthy vapor, easy clean

--3 temperatures setting, the highest is 450F

--2200mah, powerful capacity ensures long time enjoyment

--Micro USB charging, easy to recharge, to reuse.



Only one step to be perfect---your experience.

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