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Vaping vs Smoking The Reasons to Switch to Vaporizing

“Is buying a vaporizer a good idea for smoking weed?” “If you smoke every day, then buying a vaporizer might be a goo...

What is a Vaporizer?

Why do some people start using the vaporizer, what is the vaporizer? How to use the vaporizer? From the birth of vapo...

Best Portable 3IN1 Vape Pen 2019

Airistech has developed a new herb vaporizer--the best vaporizer ever, metal body, high end touch. Simple design but ...

Mystica II Vaporizer -510 Thread Battery For CBD Cartridge

Are you looking for a beautiful battery case for your CBD cartridge? Then you must choose this vape battery. Mystica...

Puriest and Healthiest QCELL Fritted Quartz Coil for Cartridges and Vaporizers

Airistech has developed a revolutionary coil to experience a new way of vaping. The Quartz Authority line features ...

Headbanger-Crazy hot wax/concentrate vaporizer

Headbanger-Crazy hot wax/concentrate vaporizer   Airistech has released a new wax/concentrate vaporizer last month, i...

What is QCell Quartz Heating Technology?

Airistech has developed a revolutionary and patented QCell coil to reinvent the vaporizer heating technology and expe...

The Headbanger Wax Vaporizer--Exclusive QCell Heating Technology

Quartz wax pens currently on the market use the standard quartz rods wrapped with a metal coil to heat the material. ...
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