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Best Portable 3IN1 Vape Pen 2019

Airis Switch--Best Portable 3IN1 Vape Pen in 2019

Airis Switch 3IN1 vape pen equipped with herb bullet, wax bullet, oil bullet, designed for multiple uses, meet different needs. You only need to change his bullets. If you just want to use it to vaping herb, this vape pen is also worth it because it has the largest capacity battery in our store. 

The Design of the Switch Portable Vaporizer

Airis Switch 3IN1 vape pen is a quite simple discreet design, that is small enough to fit into your pocket and even your palm.

This vape pen will easily fit in a pocket or purse for easy storage and travel. 

Temperature Flexibility

420℉, 435℉, 450℉ 3 well-chosen temperature options for your simple operation, and meet your high requirements.

Vapor Quality of the Switch Portable Vaporizer

The vaporizer is reasonably good quality.  Isolated vapor path provides pure taste, healthy vape, and easy cleaning.

360℃ rotational mouthpiece makes vaping more convenient and ensures your inhale will not be hot.

Battery Life and Charging of the Switch Vaporizer 

The battery lasts for about 9 to 12 sessions on one charge and then it needs to go on the charger.  It takes between 2-3 hours to fully charge. It charges with a supplied micro USB cable.

How to use vaporizer? Easy to use.

Airis Switch 3IN1 vape pen is pretty simple to use. You can access the chamber by taking the mouthpiece off the device. the vape pen has a quite deep ceramic chamber. It actually comes with a good size herb chamber for such a small vaporizer. Load your herbs tight but don’t over pack it. Try to keep the area around the top of the chamber clean so that your mouthpiece can go in there easily. Once you are done packing your chamber, push the mouthpiece in firmly and you are ready to go. Press the power button 5 times in a sequence to start up the vaporizer. Only 30s to heat up, no need long time waiting. The vibration reminding will tell you when the vaping begins.  After 5 minutes the vaporizer turns off automatically. If you’d like to turn it back on, you can simply press the power button 5 times again. Maybe you will find this kind of operation troublesome, but this is designed for the medical vaporizer, so people who really need it will like this vaporizer. If you’d like to turn it off at any time, same as turning on, press the power button 5 times in a sequence. 

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