Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer


Product image 1Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 2Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 3Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 4Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 5Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 6Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 7Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 8Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 9Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 10Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer
Product image 11Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer

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Headbanger Dip&Dab Vaporizer

Airistech headbanger is a compact portable herbal vaporizer with premium Q-cell technology, this device is all about quality hardware. A fritted quartz heating coil on both Dip&Dab atomizer maximized the surface area to provide even heating. An unprecedented experience of the wax vaporizer.


  • DIP or Dab

To Dip, you don’t need any extra tools, just screw the touch coil on the bottom end, attach the glass bubbler, press the power button to touch the concentrate and inhale. To Dab, just switch and screw in the other dab coil into the other end, load the coil, attach the glass bubbler, press the power button and inhale.

  • Large Battery Capacity

1500mah big battery capacity, enjoy the prolonged and strong battery support after full charging./p>

  • Replaceable & Portable Quartz Jar

The tank cover includes a replaceable quartz jar which is extremely convenient for wax storage or dips vaping.

  • Glass Water Bubbler

Removable glass water bubbler/mouthpiece designed for pure and cool vapor.

  • Magnetic Connection Cover

Magnetic connection designed for the tank cover, so easy!

  • High-end Metallic Feeling

The body is all made of high-end aluminum materials which makes it a quality, durable and premium device.

  • Micro USB

Universal micro USB charging port, designed for your convenience at any time anywhere.


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Customer Reviews

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