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Pocket Dry Herb Vaporizer Herb Vape Pen 

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Discreet & Sleek Cartridge Vape Battery

airis amphi

Portable Vaporizer for cartridges and pods

airis Switch dry herb vaporizer

airis Switch

3-in-1 Vaporizer for dry herb/wax/oil

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Very nice vaporizer with a big chimney which makes it my favourite vaporizer already for being so easy to fill and you can pack it with your pinkie. The size of the vaporizer is relatively small and The finish on it is so nice to touch. It heats very fast and vaporizes about 95% of the herbs. It was fun to give it a try and test it. A little plastic smell when you first use it, so you might wanna run the device couple times before you actually pack it and use it to vape. Over all it’s recommended and the seller shipped it fast. 


Very serious seller, delivery time to colombia 25 days, i highly recommend this product, it gives you what you pay for it and more, excellent balance quality/price. Vaporizes the grass very well, tested at 195, 200, and 210 degrees celsius, excellent taste, i recommend doing 3 cycles with empty vaporizer in order to remove any residual plastic flavor, which is normal in these devices. I'll buy again!

Denis Dupont

Exactly as pictured and everything that was supposed to come in the bundle was there. Very nice little mod and the 2 in 1 feature is pretty cool and works well. It's a perfect little size that is almost unnoticeable in my pocket so it's nice when I don't want to, or am unable to, carry my big mod around. Packaged very well and to the US in exactly 2 weeks, which I'm very happy with. Definitely recommend both the item and seller.

Matt Osterroth

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