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Key Words For Airistech Vaporizers

Advanced Technology

Airistech devices are built with most advanced technology and purest materials brings you fantastic vapor experience

Portable Discretion

Small piece but powerful performance. Airistech portable &discreet devices makes sure your enjoyment at any time anywhere.

Taste Maker

Airistech devices are not only about real taste of true vaporizer,they are the taste maker of the vaporizer industry by the beautiful design

Simple Intelligence

Less is more.With simple operation.Airistech devices will respond you
with amazing intelligence

Premium 3 in 1 Portable Vaporizer -Herbva X Review

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Blog posts

What is QCell Quartz Heating Technology?

Airistech has developed a revolutionary and patented QCell coil to reinvent the vaporizer heating technology and expe...

The Headbanger Wax Vaporizer--Exclusive QCell Heating Technology

Quartz wax pens currently on the market use the standard quartz rods wrapped with a metal coil to heat the material. ...
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