airis Switch dry herb vaporizer

airis Switch

3-in-1 Vaporizer for dry herb/wax/oil

Dry Herb Vaporizer for Everything

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Verified Reviews

 I've been using it with shatter, and ABSOLUTELY will NEVER go back to dry herb! A piece the size of matchhead provides me with 4 STRONG hits, and the pen is as smooth as I could have hoped for! If, or when this pen fails, I will DEFINITELY buy another one! It's been a LONG time since I was so excited about ANY product, but this one has really got my juices flowing(pun intended!)! Thanks Airistech for creating such great products, and you have made a lifelong customer of me!


This thing works like a champ! Perfect hits every time! I love it that it has the preheat mode. And also that it fits my extra wide carts!! Five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This vape is great. It can hit hard or smooth and slow depending on your preference. The bowl or chamber is huge and the device is fairly small. Heats up to 420 in less than a minute which is very good imo. Battery life is fairly long which also surprised me. For the price, power, and size, you can’t go wrong.


5 stars out of 5 huge clouds with dry medical herb,got the bubbler attachment witch was separate but highly recommend! Thanks airistech for making such an affordable ceramic unit! Better than pax 1 pax2,pax3 way better than devinci


Compacta , discreta e com a maior carga de bateria essa vape pra mim é a melhor que ja tive . As 3 tempereturas proporcionam uma experiência muito maior pois é possivel saborear notas diferentes a cada mudança de temperatura num mesmo strain . Sem dizer o conforto do modo automatico aos 2 toques sem a necessidade de ficar acionado. Não troco o meu por nada


I want to thank airis for making this. I wanted something that had the convenience of a vape but not have to worry what was in it. I got myself a little rosin press and this vape pen and I also grow my own. So now I know exactly what I'm vaping. I can squeeze a 1 gram nug and load this up and vape all night.


A friend of mine had one, so I tried to find one similar when I found the Tick. Very portable. Very discreet. Very stylish. Timeless design with three heat settings and a convenient charge cable. Would definitely recommend to a friend!


I have owned the tick for 2yrs now love it use it daily still works like the day i got it brand new. I decided since the price & device is reliable for everyday all day usage with no malfunction ever or battery loss. Dont waste your money on other cheaply made brands or poorly made knock off vape devices. I can honestly say i have tried over 40 premium brands in vape devices including vessel thru out the years. No other Vape device manufacture compare to Aris on price & build quality!!! 


The look and feel of the airis 8 is so aesthetically pleasing, and the functions very easy to use. I love that I can choose to dip or dab and it doesn't get boring to use because I can alternate between the two.The dual quarts coils make my concentrates taste true to flavor and this device it very easy to clean! I am so happy I decided to pick this up as my first pen/e-nectar collector.If you are looking for a product that does the job and is multi-function.. LOOK NO FURTHER! This is the one guys!