Puriest and Healthiest QCELL Fritted Quartz Coil for Cartridges and Vaporizers

Airistech has developed a revolutionary coil to experience a new way of vaping.  The Quartz Authority line features ...

Headbanger-Crazy hot wax/concentrate vaporizer

Headbanger-Crazy hot wax/concentrate vaporizer   Airistech has released a new wax/concentrate vaporizer last month,...

Airis Tick--CBD/THC Vaporizer--Stoners' True Love

Airis Tick--CBD/THC Vaporizer--Stoners' True Love   Last month, when we attended Champs trade shows, and during our...

What is QCell Quartz Heating Technology?

Airistech has developed a revolutionary and patented QCell coil to reinvent the vaporizer heating technology and expe...

The Headbanger Wax Vaporizer--Exclusive QCell Heating Technology

Quartz wax pens currently on the market use the standard quartz rods wrapped with a metal coil to heat the material. ...
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