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Refund Policy

Warranty coverage expires 60 days after purchase, claims will only be processed if the merchandise is within the warranty period. We do not cover the cost of shipment for a warranty return or any type of return. We do not accept returns if a product is non-defective and functional, such as for any minor aesthetic reasons.
Device arrives malfunctioning.
Issues not covered by warranty:

Cosmetic issues such as Paint, Leakage, Tanks not sitting flush.
Any damage caused by the customer while using the device.
Issues not covered by our warranty will be resolved by the manufacturer.

Airistech will not directly make the replacement to the end user that not shop on our
Step #1:
The first step is to authenticate that your product is a Genuine Airistech product. We will not provide parts or replacements for any product that is not authenticated according to the process we have established and explained how to use here: 

All customers can verify the authenticity of their Airistechproducts by going to website 

and inputting the code on the packaging.

Scratch label QR code label
Step #2:
Contact the direct vendor for assistant since they are your direct vendor and they have the liability and

responsibility to serve you. You should bring along with your parts, Authenticity code and the purchase receipts to seek you vendor's help. 

If you buy from the local store, normally our distributor will take care of the warranty as we are a factory in China.  

Replace from the store and the store will ask for replacements from the distributor.

If you want to purchase any new devices, you can also go to our online shop: and send me a message if you place an order, I can arrange to put some free gift for you :)

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